Posted on by J Sarkar

Are you designing a t-shirt? How you show your design to your client? Here are some of the useful tricks to help you make your design stand out and get quick approval.

 How to get quick approval and stand out your t-shirt design

  1. Choose the perfect font in your concept. The font selection (lettering style) is the very important as the primary stage of t-shirt design. You can learn to understand about font and font family here.


  1. Avoid using multiple colors. You know most of the design will go in screen printer. When you use multiple colors, the buyer will be subject to additional cost for each design. In addition, as a beginner, when you use multiple colors, you may not be able to match it well. Start by using one or two colors maximum in your design.


  1. Don’t rush. T-shirt design is a very creative work. Always remember, you are going to put your message on the garment that people will be wearing. Take enough time when you develop the concept and try to make a primary sketch before starting to create the shirts. Feel free to get help or ideas from Google.


  1. Polish your design. Finish your design in Illustrator or any other design software. Check the design and spelling a number of times before finalizing the design. There can be any spelling mistakes or any other issue. As a new professional, you can’t have any mistake in your design, as it will affect your reputation. Also as much as possible, make your design as editable. It will help to get quick approval and customer satisfaction.


  1. Show your design. As a pro, you should provide your client with professional looking t-shirt mock-ups. T-shirt mock-up is the great thing to show your client, to give an idea of the look after print. Without mock-ups, it is easier for a client to reject it immediately and ask for a revision. The interesting thing is when you show same design in a nice looking mock-up the client gets a much better picture of the t-shirt, and you get more “Oh wow, you did a great design”. It shows that when you submit your design for approval, a good looking mock-up can make a huge difference in the mind of the customer. As well, it can save you time not having to create a number of different designs. Most customers will be more receptive to the work of a quality mock-up.


Here are some of the Free and Premium mockups which are my personal recommendation for you from, Hope it will stand out your design and help to get quick approval. Best of luck and happy designing.